A smarter way for law firms to get paid

RapidPay is the legal profession’s trusted provider of financial services, offering flexible payment options and an easy to use account reconciliation platform.



Get paid online while you work from home

RapidPay is the only Australian online payment system specifically designed for small law firms and enables clients to pay their legal bills or deposit monies easily and securely.

Accept online payments

With RapidPay, clients don’t need to come to your office to pay you. Accept payments online by credit card, BPAY, EFT or offer clients payment plans. Payment options are displayed on the bottom of every invoice, and clients pay through an online portal which carries your name and logo.

Bank reconciliation made easy

Automatically import your bank data to enable reconciliation of your bank transactions at the touch of a button. Eliminate manual bank reconciliation to use your time for more productive, billable work.

Seamless integration with LEAP

RapidPay seamlessly and securely integrates with practice management software provider LEAP. This allows you to invoice as soon as you are entitled to do so, and easily reconcile accounts with automated bank feeds.

Offer payment plans

Offer your clients Instalment Plans to ensure you get paid on time and maintain a healthy cash flow for your business.

Automated payment reminders

Provide automated payment reminders via email and text notifying clients that payment is due soon or overdue. Set and forget payment reminders are sent on your behalf, and you will be notified once payment is made.

Australian based support

Get all the support you need, including training, product and technical support so you can make the most of RapidPay.

Get paid from your home office

With RapidPay, clients don’t need to come to your office to pay you. Easily generate invoices which display a range of online payment options, empowering clients to pay by credit card, BPAY or EFT, or to enter payment plans.

What do our clients say?


The process involved in adapting and using RapidPay was absolutely seamless. We didn’t have to do anything.

When it was first offered to us, I was a little bit skeptical. As it turns out, a lot of accounting firms and law firms do like to pay by credit card.

Peter Gell
Principal, PGG Legal


“Prior to adopting RapidPay, clients would pay by cheque or EFT, which sometimes meant we had to wait up to 60 days to get the payment.

The best thing about the installation process with RapidPay was that I actually didn’t have much to do with it. The process was seamless.”

Jacob Carswell-Doherty
Principal, Foulsham & Geddes


We now have the ability for no paper at all for a conveyance. Clients can pay directly into our Trust Account using a credit card.

RapidPay is completely automated, completely seamless, and it’s always right. It’s a massive time and cost saving.

Michael De Mestre
Senior Associate, John De Mestre & Co

Seamless integration with LEAP

Securely integrating with LEAP, the Legal Practice Productivity Solution used by over 61,000 practitioners, RapidPay takes the complexity out of receiving payments. You will be able to quickly invoice and be paid as soon as you are entitled to do so, while easily reconciling accounts with automated bank feeds.

How does RapidPay work?

Verify: simply verify your Trust and Office bank accounts within LEAP and submit relevant application forms.

Activate: RapidPay will be activated within 3 days of all documentation being approved.

Invoice: payment footers will automatically be included in your invoices and Trust statements.

Remind: set and forget reminders via email and text when payment is due soon or overdue.

Get paid: clients can pay by all major credit cards, BPAY, EFT or payment plans, and upon payment, view receipts automatically generated by RapidPay.

Automate: direct bank data feeds allow you to automatically reconcile bank transactions at the touch of a button.


Over 1,500 law firms choose RapidPay