Set up Payment Reminders in four easy steps

Step 1

Establish your frequency

Step 2

Create email and text templates

Step 3

Set and forget reminders

Step 4

Get notified once paid


Increase cash flow

Clients are more likely to pay promptly with automated payment reminders.

Create back office efficiencies

Stop chasing up overdue invoices. Let RapidPay send email and text reminders for you.

Reduce debtor days

Send a reminder before an invoice is due which includes a link for payment.

Focus on legal work

Automate tedious and time-consuming bill-chasing to focus on legal work.

Improve your capital

Reduced debtor days and improved cash flow reduces the need for additional day to day working capital.

Get paid on time

Provide your clients with the option to pay by credit card, instalments or Invoice Financing.

Over 1,500 law firms choose RapidPay