Who is the RapidPay Group (“RapidPay”)?

Operating since 2007, the RapidPay Group “RapidPay” is the legal profession’s trusted provider of financial services.

We serve thousands of law firms across the US, UK and Australia, securely processing over $1 billion of payments annually.

Our platform has been developed with lawyers and technologists intimately familiar with the challenges of running a law firm, including the requirements of legal trust accounting and compliance.

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Who provides the Payment Plans service to my client?

Rapid Payment Plans Pty Ltd, ABN 70 634 811 671 (“Rapid Payment Plans”) is the provider of the Payment Plans and is part of the RapidPay Group of companies.

What happens if my client does not repay their Payment Plan?

Our Payment Plan is a loan directly between us and your client. We take on the repayment risk and responsibility for managing the payment plan and will contact your client directly if their direct debit fails. There is no recourse to your law firm, and you play no role in the collection of any repayments.

Can the Payment Plan fee of 5%* be charged to my client?

The Payment Plan fee for Payment Plans cannot be charged to your customer under the BNPL Code of Practice.

How do I activate Payment Plans?

As a RapidPay Premium client, all you need to do is click Get Started below and complete the online application form. We will automatically enable this option on your account within 2 business days and confirm once you are up and running. Your clients can instantly start using the Payment Plan service.

Can I offer Payment Plans to existing clients without re-issuing an invoice or trust request?

Yes, you can. Once your firm is registered for Payment Plans your clients will see the Payment Plan option and they can click on the Pay Online button or enter your reference number at www.rapidpay.com.au.

Can I choose which clients can sign up to this service?

No, only individuals can sign up for Payment Plans. Once you activate Payment Plans the option will be automatically available on all invoices and trust requests for all recipients.

Can my clients still pay by card in full?

Yes, your clients will still have the option to pay by card, BPAY, or EFT. You can also elect to set up a Direct Debit Instalment Plan via LEAP that does not include an upfront payment to you.

Can my client make a part payment using Payment Plans?

The Payment Plan product currently only allows your client to pay the invoice or trust request in full. We will take feedback on this functionality during the limited release.

If my client is a company, not an individual, can it still enter into a Payment Plan?

The Payment Plan product currently only serves individuals although we intend to expand the product to support corporate payment plans in the future.

How can I give RapidPay feedback during the limited release?

We intend to periodically contact you for feedback, but at any time you can give us feedback via customer support on 1800 487 749.

* GST Exclusive

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