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RapidPay FAQ

In this video Jarrod McAvoy, RapidPay Sales Manager, discusses how it works, the benefits, pricing, gives a live demonstration of the software as it integrates with LEAP, as well as how you can get started now. Runlength: 37 minutes 55 seconds.


Just click here, it's a quick five minute process.

Once we receive your application and assuming everything is in order we can have you up and running within 3 business days - there's nothing more for you to do.

As RapidPay can accept credit card payments via web, in person and by telephone you can cancel your existing merchant facility and start saving fees immediately.

All outstanding Matter invoices and statement of accounts will be automatically assigned with a unique RapidPay Reference number (highlighted) and RapidPay payment instructions, refer to example below:


RapidPay's integration with LEAP means that the BPAY Reference number will be automatically assigned to each outstanding and future Matter whenever an invoice or statement of account is generated - no action is required from the law firm.

Each RapidPay Reference number is unique to that particular matter and enables LEAP to determine whether a client's payment via RapidPay is destined for the registered Office or Trust Account, to generate an Office or Trust Receipt once that payment has settled and to create the associated Office or Trust Bank Deposits.

BPAY Reference

RapidPay users can create an Anticipated Trust Deposit to receive trust deposits within LEAP. To do so, a user must complete the following steps:

From a matter, open up the Trust Funds tab and select the RapidPay Anticipated Deposit button:

Matter Screen

This will display the RapidPay Anticipated Deposit window which will allow you to enter the Anticipated Trust Amount and the reason to be displayed on the receipt:

Anticipated Trust Deposit Reason

If an Anticipated Deposit amount has already been entered the icon displayed will change to the following:

Matter Screen

Printing a Trust Statement will then also display the Anticipated Deposit Amount in the statement footer.

Trust Account Statement

No minimum monthly fees, no lock in contract, no penalties should you stop using the service.

$1.85 per BPAY, Credit Card, and EFT transaction (includes automated receipting and reconciliation).

Zero merchant fees for Visa, MasterCard and American Express if you elect for the cost to be surcharged to the payer by RapidPay at the time of payment.

*GST Exclusive

If you have a question about RapidPay and it's products not covered here, please feel free to contact us.